AUSfund is an Eligible Rollover Fund (ERF). Generally, ERFs receive small, lost and inactive accounts transferred by other super funds. Our main objectives are to try to find you and other lost members to reunite you with your lost super. In order to keep our administration costs very low and run the fund efficiently, AUSfund can only accept personal (non-concessional = post tax) contributions. Read more in the Product Disclosure Statement (page 6)
Employer (concessional = pre tax) contributions, other than inexceptional circumstances and then only on a one-off basis
Spouse contributions
Contributions made through a salary sacrificing arrangement
Government Co-contributions
AUSfund does not allow contribution splitting.
Please contact us should you have any questions about making a contribution. 

AUSfund’s main objectives are to look after members’ benefits while invested with AUSfund, to locate lost members and to encourage them to transfer their AUSfund account into their active super account. Consolidating your super into one account makes it easier to keep track of your super and reduces the amount of fees you pay which, most importantly, means more super for your retirement.

At AUSfund we are committed to reuniting people with their lost super.

However, unlike a normal super fund, AUSfund has not been able to accept employer or member contribution since 1 January, 2014.