A history of investment success

IFM is owned by 30 Australian pension funds, many of whom also invest in its products. This has fostered a unique culture of true alignment over the last two decades with a single motivation: to generate superior net returns for its investors in a responsible manner. This is central to IFM’s history and is inherent in all its activities.

An 18 year track record in infrastructure investment

IFM was one of the first managers to enter the infrastructure sector in 1995 when federal and state governments in Australia began to privatise infrastructure assets.

At the outset, investors in IFM’s infrastructure funds were predominantly its industry pension fund owners, fostering a culture of strong alignment with IFM and its management team. Following the establishment of offices in New York and London, IFM has selectively grown and diversified its business with like minded, long term institutional investors in key markets.

IFM today

Today, IFM manages over AUD$46 billion across five asset classes in three of the largest pension markets in the world on behalf of leading pension and other like-minded long term institutional investors.


  • One of the largest infrastructure investors in the world with total funds under management of AUD$13 billion.
  • Control of 36 board seats across 25 infrastructure investments with operations on four continents, providing unmatched real-time sector insights.
  • A seasoned, global team of 46 infrastructure specialists.

Listed Equities

Managing over AUD $15 billion across three leading investment strategies:

  • Indexed Australian equities: a successful long-term track record of replicating the benchmark and pragmatically implementing enhancement strategies to exploit market inefficiencies.
  • Active Australian equities: our Strategic Australian Equities Fund comprises a concentrated, long-term “buy and hold” portfolio of high-quality businesses that we expect to perform well over the long-term.
  • Small Caps: employing fundamental research and quantitative methods to build a style-neutral Australian small caps portfolio.

Debt Investments

Private Equity

  • A market leader in Private Equity and an active participant in international and Australian Private Equity markets since 1998.
  • A view that Private Equity is a long-term investment that demands active engagement to deliver strong net returns to investors.
  • An experienced investment team manage a range of Australian and international Private Equity programs.

Private Assets

  • Many strong, stable and mature businesses are attractive investments because they deliver consistently good cash flows to provide strong and reliable risk adjusted investment returns.
  • Directly invest in these types of businesses by building a highly skilled & experienced investment team with capabilities in both operations and investment.
  • Leverage deep institutional investment capability in infrastructure and private equity in this new asset class.



2012 IFM launches Direct Investment asset class
IFM expands infrastructure debt capability with key appointment in Europe
Funds under management reaches A$39 billion
2011 IFM celebrates five years in global markets
IFM opens Sydney office
IFM appoints specialist small caps team
IFM announces 12.5% fee rebate to investors
IFM expands global capability with key appointments in US and Europe
Funds under management reaches A$31 billion
2010 IFM wins significant mandates in infrastructure debt from leading Australian pension and semi-government investors
Funds under management reaches A$27 billion
2009 IFM establishes mandate capacity in Strategic and Indexed Australian Equities, Cash and Australian Credit Opportunities
Funds under management reaches A$21.3 billion
2008 IFM offers its infrastructure capability to US, UK and European institutional investors
IFM launches Active Australian Equities strategy
Funds under management reaches A$16.4 billion
2007 IFM opens New York office
ME Bank debt investments team joins IFM Funds under management reaches A$15.7 billion
2006 IFM opens London office
Funds under management reaches A$12.2 billion
2005 IFM launches new funds across a range of asset classes
Funds under management reaches A$8.6 billion
2004 IFM created through merger of IFS Private Capital Group and Development Australia Fund Management Limited, with IFM assuming full management, and the trusteeship roles for all DAF products
Funds under management reaches A$6.9 billion
1999 IFM Alternative Fixed Income Fund (AFIF) is established
1996 Indexed Australian equity capability established.
1995 Australian infrastructure and private equity funds launched.
IFS appointed as manager of DAF
1994 Industry Fund Services (IFS) founded, incorporating IFS Private Capital Group
1990 Development Australia Fund (DAF) established.