A single-minded focus on investor returns

IFM’s unique ownership structure means that we prioritise investors and our primary focus is to deliver superior long-term performance through quality portfolios with a strong risk focus.

  • We aim to ensure that fees are fairly priced across our products.
  • We invest responsibly. We believe that adherence to environmental, social and governance principles leads to better investment outcomes. Our approach is closely aligned to the United Nations Global Compact, which enjoys global consensus and supports core principles in the areas of human rights, labour standards, environment and governance.
  • IFM has an unwavering focus on delivering outstanding net returns to investors. We invest strategically and patiently for the long-term across all our products, seeking out investment opportunities that make sense on a risk return basis.

Not your average fund manager

In 2011, IFM announced rebates to all its existing investors globally that equated to 12.5 % of annual fees. This was made possible by IFM’s unique ownership by 32 not-for-profit pension funds, the firm’s culture and its financial strength.

The rebate was a reflection of IFM’s ‘investor first’ philosophy and our ‘no conflict’ operating model that places the interests of our investors, and in turn the retirement security of their members, at the heart of our operations.