A unique ownership model and long-term approach

Central to IFM’s point of difference is a unique ownership model and culture. IFM is owned by 30 major Australian pension funds, creating a philosophical alignment that stands us apart.

IFM was established and is owned by many of the ultimate investors in its products. This ownership philosophically aligns the interests of IFM with its investors. IFM operates as a separate business entity and has its own board of directors, independent of its pension fund owners.

Welcoming new like-minded investors

In the past 12 months IFM has welcomed a number of new, like-minded investors from around the world, including a number of large US pension funds.

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A long-term approach for like-minded investors

IFM’s investors are long-term, like-minded and well-capitalised institutional investors from Australia, Europe and North America, including:

  • Superannuation and pension funds
  • Endowment funds
  • Government authorities
  • Universities
  • Not-for-profit foundations
  • Select family offices

IFM’s objective is to generate optimal returns for these investors in a responsible manner

We continue to selectively grow and diversify our business by offering our products and services to like minded, long term institutional investors in our key markets. This enables us to deliver scale benefits from which all our investors benefit.