Careers at IFM

Thank you for your interest in a career with IFM.

IFM is focused on attracting and retaining high quality people and providing them with a rewarding and supportive work environment.

By joining IFM, you will become part of a diverse and global team of talented individuals who are regarded as leaders in their fields. IFM has offices in Australia, Europe and North America, with opportunities for secondment available.

IFM’s development policies are designed to encourage a long-term commitment to the firm and the ongoing personal growth of employees.

IFM staff are a critical component of our success and unique culture, and I look forward to welcoming you on board.

Brett Himbury
Chief Executive

Careers with IFM’s Infrastructure Group

A role within IFM's Infrastructure Group gives you the opportunity to work on a variety of infrastructure projects globally. With investments ranging from ports, airports, toll roads and utilities assets, the work is diverse and challenging. You will be involved in acquisitions, asset management and portfolio management including direct involvement on company boards. 

Careers with IFM’s Listed Equities Group

As part of IFM's Listed Equities Group you will participate in the management of active, enhanced indexed and small cap Australian equity portfolios for pooled and mandated clients. Working with a highly experienced team, you will be actively involved in company and sector research and portfolio management.

Careers with IFM’s Debt Investments Group

Working with IFM's Debt Investments Group will give you exposure to a variety of sectors within the debt markets such as traditional fixed interest, project finance, structured products and syndicated lending. With separate focuses on cash, credit and infrastructure debt, you will be actively involved in market, sector and credit research and portfolio management.

Careers with IFM’s Private Equity Group

Working with IFM's Private Equity Group will give you wide exposure to the Australian and global private equity markets, across a range of industry sectors. Your role will include research, analysis and management of both fund of fund opportunities and direct investments, working with an experienced, close knit team.

Careers with IFM’s Corporate team

IFM's Corporate Services teams cover the following functional areas:

  • Commercial (includes legal, tax, compliance and governance)
  • Business Development, Marketing and Client Services
  • Finance, IT and HR

Within each team you will gain wide exposure to the institutional investment market in your particular area of expertise.

Cultural Foundations

At IFM we take pride in our cultural foundations which define the character of IFM. By joining IFM you will be part of a culture that genuinely focuses on the investor.

All IFM employees subscribe to the following values:

  • Prioritise Investors
    IFM is an investment management business, managing the money of millions of investors. This needs to be the principle thought behind each transaction and every business decision made.
  • Achieve Excellence
    IFM is a professional organisation which strives for excellence in all forms of work.
  • Respect Everyone
    IFM maintains a work environment free from unlawful discrimination, harassment, bullying and violence.
  • Inspire Innovation
    IFM has a heritage of thinking differently, of being bold, of creating and leading momentum that produces greater outcomes for investors.
  • Lead by Example
    IFM operates in a diverse environment and recognises our employees’ differences, contributions, rights and duties.

Current opportunities with IFM

To express your interest in a career at IFM, please send your resume and a covering letter to [email protected].