IFM Cash Funds

The IFM Cash Funds comprise two open-ended wholesale funds, the IFM Strategic Cash Fund and the IFM Transaction Cash Fund (each, a “Fund”), which are designed for Australian wholesale investors looking for a diversified and cost effective investment in the cash sector. The IFM Cash Funds aim to provide liquidity and supplement income through active selection and diversification of debt securities.

The IFM Cash Funds take an active approach to credit selection, with diversification being a key goal.  Diversification is an approach that delivers more consistent results by spreading risk and thus reducing the risk of poor performance from any one single source.  Each Fund operates under the Investment Policy for the Fund with the aim of ensuring there are no large exposures to any one credit risk.

The IFM Cash Funds are not registered managed investment schemes.  

For further information, please contact IFM or download the IFM Cash Funds flyer.