IFM Australian Private Equity Funds

IFM private equity products are structured either as pooled superannuation trusts or wholesale unit trusts designed for Australian superannuation funds and institutional investors seeking an investment in the private equity sector.

IFM’s suite of Australian private equity funds invest primarily in unlisted Australian and New Zealand companies via private equity funds.

IFM’s private equity funds employ a defined investment period and a disciplined investment program diversified by stage, sector geography and vintage year. The funds also have the flexibility to participate in secondaries and the Australian funds can undertake private equity coinvestments.

IFM also provides private equity advisory services to selected clients.

IFM Australian Private Equity I

Launched in August 1995, aggregate commitments of A$103 million.

IFM Australian Private Equity Fund II

Launched in July 1999, aggregate commitments of A$334 million.

IFM Australian Private Equity Fund III

Launched in January 2004, aggregate commitments of A$425 million.

IFM Australian Private Equity Fund IV

Launched in February 2007, aggregate commitments of A$665 million.