A history of investment success…

Industry Funds Management’s ("IFM") track record dates back to 1990 with the formation of Development Australia Fund, a fund created by Australian superannuation funds to invest in growing Australian private and public companies and infrastructure. In 1995, Industry Fund Services Pty Ltd (“IFS”) assumed management of this fund with Development Australia Fund Management Limited as trustee.

IFM has since grown to over A$17.1 billion in funds under management worldwide as at 30 June 2008. IFM is now a global player and recognised leader in our key investment sectors and we consistently deliver cost effective, innovative products and superior long term, risk-adjusted performance.

IFM specialises in the management of diversified investment portfolios across the infrastructure, private equity, publicly-traded equities, and debt investment sectors.

Our Australian heritage

IFM was created as a subsidiary of IFS in 2004 through the merger of IFS’s Private Capital Group and Development Australia Fund Management Limited. In January 2007, Industry Super Holdings Pty Ltd (“ISH”), the holding company for the Members Equity Bank group of companies, acquired 100% of IFS and IFM. ISH is wholly owned by 37 major Australian ‘not for profit’ superannuation funds (i.e. member owned pension funds) who are also our major clients.

Unique relationship with our clients

As an investor owned firm, IFM has a unique relationship with our clients. Our dynamic, cost effective approach to investment, coupled with strong support from key stakeholders and clients, has allowed us to grow our funds under management by more than 25% per annum for the last five years.

We work with our clients to achieve outcomes that are right for them, often collaborating to design unique and leading edge investment strategies. This strong connection with our clients has made us the preferred provider for specialised investment services. Clients look to us for:

  • Extensive industry knowledge: With over 13 years’ experience, we understand and are aligned to the investment needs of member owned investors. Our qualified and experienced team can help investors diversify into new Australian or international private markets – your options are many.
  • A focus on long-term returns: We are not after short term gains – the heart of our operation is investing for the long term to match the investment time frame and liability profile of our superannuation fund clients. Our overriding priority is to generate strong returns with moderate risk, while minimising costs to ensure investors achieve sustained superior investment performance.
  • Risk control: IFM carefully structures our investment products to minimise investment risks and to take advantage of the power of investment diversification. We are disciplined about investing and patient when markets may be offering unfavourable risk adjusted outcomes.
  • Putting client interests first: We invest and act as principal, not agent, advocating our clients’ interests as a matter of priority. Our sole purpose is to provide unique, innovative and quality investment offerings that benefit our clients and meet their investment needs. This involves taking an active and investor-driven approach to product structuring, terms and conditions, and economics.