Online ID FAQs


If you're having trouble verifying yourself and would prefer to speak to an AUSfund Customer Consultant, please contact us.

Why do I need to verify my identity?
In order for your benefit to be paid, we need to verify your identity. AUSfund is bound by Australia's Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorism Financing Legislation to ensure the benefit balance is paid to the right person.

What’s the difference between online verification and the manual verification process?
Online verification offers real-time automated verification. This process can save you time and costs (eg. photocopying, posting) that you may incur if you were to verify manually. Generally, it takes less than a few minutes to verify your ID online (the actual time varies from user to user), compared with an estimated 2-3 weeks to complete a non-electronic verification where you may either have to go in to a branch or Australia Post, or mail your details.

How does online verification work?
You will be asked for personal information which will be used to check if you have some form of association or relationship with other organisations or people.
At all times we attempt to keep you informed of what is happening and you always have a choice of whether or not to use any particular method.

What are the sources of online verification?

  • Driver licence
  • Phone book
  • Electoral Roll
  • Australian passport
  • Employment visa (foreign passport)
  • Tax File Number
  • Medibank Private Health Insurance

How many sources do I need to use to verify myself?
This depends on which sources you select. In order to achieve a successful verification, we need to obtain a match for your address, date of birth, full name and one government identifier. For example, if you successfully verify yourself using the Victorian Drivers Licence source and the Australian Electoral Roll source, you will be 100% verified using only two sources.

How long does the online verification process take?
If you have all the documents readily available, generally it takes no more than a few minutes to verify yourself.

What documents do I need to verify my ID?
To speed up the verification process, it’s best to have your drivers licence, passport, Medicare card and tax file number readily available before you start.

I can’t verify myself using my drivers licence
Your details must precisely match the way they appear on your licence. You can check the following:

  • Ensure that the information is split over the lines in the same way as shown on your licence
  • Pay attention to the placement of special characters like '-' and '/' if present
  • Ensure any unit or flat number is input in the same way as shown on your licence
  • Ensure your street type (eg "Rd") is input in the same way as shown on your licence

I can’t verify myself
Check that your address matches your ID exactly. We have pre-populated your current address into the relevant fields. However, if you selected ‘Other’ as the Street Type and your ID shows RDGE for example, it will not match.

If your current address is perfectly matched and you still can’t verify yourself, it may be that you are not registered with your current address. Try to verify your details with your previous address and see if that works.

Also try to add or remove your middle name. For example, the Australian Electoral Roll may have you registered with your middle name, and if you leave that field blank you will not get a match.

I’m having trouble reading the verification code
If you're having trouble reading the verification code, you can reload it by clicking the top red button below the code image.

Why can’t I see all the source options?
Not all sources can be used together. Some sources will become unavailable to you as you progress. The progress bar will keep you informed of your overall progress towards verification.

What does 'pending for review' mean?
This means that while you've successfully verified yourself, you changed some of your details to do so - and we just need to review those changes. This also means that we may contact you to clarify some of the information you’ve provided.