Investment in debt can be a real asset

IFM is a leading credit and infrastructure debt manager in the Australian market with a 13 year track record of success. We currently manage over A$11bn including A$3.7bn of pure credit risk assets, of which A$1.5bn is in the form of infrastructure debt, all on behalf of long term institutional investors. Our size and reputation make IFM a key first stop for new and non-public credit issuers in Australia, delivering our clients unparalleled access to credit investments.

What sets IFM’s debt investments apart?

  • Unique ownership – Our ownership by 30 pension funds promotes a strong alignment between the interests of the firm and those of our investors. Find out how »
  • Patient, long term investors – We take a steady, conservative approach, aligned to our investors’ needs.
  • Experienced debt specialists – We are a recognised niche credit market investor with specialist skill-sets that derive from banking and project finance backgrounds.
  • Strong track record – We have a demonstrated 13 year track record investing in credit and infrastructure debt, with a team comprising some of Australia’s most experienced credit investors.
  • Opportunistic investors – We invest where we believe it is in the best interests of our investors. We are prepared to look through market generalisations to find risk adjusted value–we do not just follow the market trends.
  • Disciplined investment processes – We apply rigorous credit analysis, a robust credit approval process and constant deal monitoring to create and maintain high credit quality portfolios.
  • Access – We have excellent access to deal flow through our extensive networks and strong market profile.

Debt products across the risk-reward spectrum

IFM’s debt capabilities are focused on adding value through investing in credit risk and, at the short end, closely managing liquidity products. This is in contrast to a traditional fixed interest approach that highlights taking interest rate risk positions to add value. In the credit space, we frequently find that the best value for end-investors lies at the investment grade boundary where the optimal trade-off between risk and the higher returns for lower liquidity is often found.


We focus on credit products that are suitable for long-term investors who benefit from our ability to take on non-mainstream assets where there can be a disproportionate return for the risks.

  • IFM Alternative Fixed Income Fund (AFIF) offers an actively managed and broadly diversified exposure to Australian focused pure credit with an average investment grade credit quality.
  • Infrastructure debt – IFM offers discrete infrastructure debt mandates for institutional investors. Our specialised expertise, transaction capability and scale enable us to effectively manage the complexities of this non-conventional and defensive sub-sector.


  • IFM Transaction Cash Fund is a very low risk at-call fund with competitive but modest returns. It is appropriate when the lowest practical risk profile and/or immediate liquidity are important.

Core Bond

  • IFM’s low cost indexed vanilla bond strategy seeks to efficiently reproduce characteristics of the main Australian vanilla fixed interest index. This strategy provides low cost exposure to a core fixed income allocation for investors.

An experienced and connected debt investments team

IFM’s debt team boasts some of Australia’s most experienced credit investors. Our team’s wealth of experience extends back to the 1980s, when several of our senior debt specialists were among the first bankers to apply project finance lending techniques to infrastructure. IFM is a recognised leader in infrastructure investing through two separate teams on both the debt and equity sides. This global strength in infrastructure gives us unparalleled access to asset supply.

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