IFM cash funds

IFM has a strong track record in the design and management of cash solutions catering to different investor needs. We offer a wholesale cash fund as well as individual mandates tailored to client needs and risk tolerances.

Key benefits of IFM’s cash funds

  • An experienced team of debt specialists with liquidity management and niche credit expertise
  • Rigorous bottom-up credit skills within a disciplined investment framework
  • Disciplined cash process with strong risk controls
  • Superior access to deal flow through our networks
  • Demonstrated track record of outperformance
  • Aligned long-term interests
  • Strong liquidity and treasury management heritage.

IFM’s wholesale cash fund

  • The IFM Transaction Cash Fund is a very low risk at call fund with competitive but modest returns. It is appropriate when the lowest practical risk profile and/or immediate liquidity are important.
Key benefits
  • Competitive fees
  • Same day liquidity
  • Ability to manage extreme cash flows
  • In line with S&P AAAm equivalent
Objective Stable income with liquidity
Suggested Investment Timeframe Short term
Redemption Notice Period Same day
Income Potential Low
Growth Potential Low
Volatility / Risk Level Very Low
Benchmark UBS Bank Bill Index
Return Objective Benchmark + 10-20bps
Minimum Initial Investment $500,000
Income Distribution Quarterly

Investment approach

IFM’s approach to managing cash combines top-down macro analysis with bottom-up security and company analysis, plus a review of market dynamics. We aim to exploit inefficiencies in pricing along the bank bill swap curve and through security selection, whilst always cognisant of managing and maintain appropriate liquidity.

Investment process

IFM’s investment process for its cash funds incorporates both macro and micro analysis. The macro analysis covers the Australian and global economies and capital markets. The micro analysis focuses on the specifics individual companies and industries. This allows us to filter the available universe of investment opportunities to determine a selection of preferred investments that offer attractive credit characteristics, relative value and favourable liquidity.