A long-term approach to infrastructure investment

IFM’s infrastructure funds are open end. This structure matches the long-term liabilities of pension funds with long-lived infrastructure investments. Benefits of this fund structure include:

  • Investors gain access to a known portfolio of assets that is diversified across geography and sub-sector
  • Reduced j-curve with a relatively quick drawdown period and returns from day one
  • True long term ownership— an open end fund is not required to sell or liquidate assets at some predetermined point in time and investors can maintain ownership of high-performing assets well into the future
  • Preferred partner of vendors, governments and strategic partners who appreciate that we are focused on long-term investment and management of assets
  • Ability to participate in embedded growth opportunities within the existing portfolio or with existing strategic partners, which are valuable sources of proprietary deal flow.

IFM focuses on core, mature assets in developed markets

IFM invests in “core” infrastructure assets. These assets have monopoly-like characteristics, including strong market positions, a predictable regulatory environment, high barriers to entry, limited demand-elasticity and long lives. We target stable and predictable revenue streams that participate in economic growth in countries with established regulatory environments and strong rule-of-law.

IFM’s infrastructure strategy

  • Diversified by sector, geography and vintage
  • Primarily brownfield
  • Avoid distressed assets
  • Avoid excessive leverage
  • Rigorous, disciplined due diligence
  • Proactive, long-term asset management
  • Robust corporate governance
  • Superior portfolio company management teams

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