Senior Listed Equities Team

Neil Carter

Executive Director – Listed Equities (Small Caps)
Joined IFM in 2012

Neil is responsible for managing all aspects of IFM’s small capital investment, advisory and management functions. This includes optimizing the performance of small caps funds, building and maintaining strong client and third party relationships, managing and developing staff, and developing and maintaining quality assurance and compliance practices. Previously Neil held the role of Division Director at Macquarie Investment Management Ltd (Sydney), where he was responsible for portfolio management, research methodology, recruitment and marketing. Prior to this Neil held the role of Director at Rutherglen Capital (Sydney), Media Analyst at ABN Amro (London) and Strategy Consultant at The L.E.K Partnership (London, Sydney).

Clyde Haldane

Executive Director – Listed Equities (Active)
Joined IFM in 2006

Clyde developed and implemented IFM’s active listed equities initiative and, since 1 July 2008, has been responsible for the IFM Strategic Australian Equities Fund. Clyde’s experience in funds management dates back to 1990, when he commenced with County NatWest Australia Investment Management Limited. In total, he spent seven years within the broader County NatWest Group. Thereafter, Clyde was a founding partner of Portfolio Partners, where he was Head of Balanced Funds for six years. In this role, he was responsible for oversight of balanced funds and had Australian equities research responsibilities in the engineering, diversified industrials, utilities and infrastructure, banking and finance, property trusts and diversified resource sectors. Prior to joining IFM in 2006, Clyde assisted a number of family owned private investment companies and foundations.

Aidan Puddy

Executive Director – Listed Equities (Indexed)
Joined IFM in 2005

Aidan is responsible for managing the Australian equity index area. Aidan leads a team of four people who are responsible for managing the indexed and enhanced indexed Australian equities strategies as well as providing quant and trading solutions to clients. Prior to joining IFM Aidan worked at INVESCO (formerly County Investment Management) where he was responsible for the Australian and overseas indexed products. Aidan worked at INVESCO for over eight years in a variety of roles which also included managing quantitative products, balanced products and managing the unit pricing area. Aidan has also worked at Merrill Lynch Investment Management and the Myer Family Office.

Jim Copland

Investment Director
Joined IFM in 2012

Jim is responsible for Small Caps portfolio management and investment analysis. Previously James held the role of Senior Resources Analyst at Macquarie Funds Group (Sydney) where he was responsible for resources research including microcap to large cap resources, oil and gas, bulks, base and precious metals. Prior to this James held the roles of Associate Director at Macquarie Securities (Perth, Sydney), Vice President and Associate at Goldman Sachs (New York), Solicitor, Commercial Litigation at Clayton Utz Solicitors (Perth) and Underground Mine Geologist at WMC Ltd Revenge Gold Mine (W.A.).

Laurence Irlicht

Investment Director
Joined IFM in 2009

Laurence is involved in the management of IFM’s indexed and enhanced indexed mandates and the development of further systematic equity strategies. Laurence previously held the position of Investment Director Quantitative Analysis at Victorian Funds Management Corporation (VFMC). In this role, he led a team which developed and managed quantitative investment strategies and also undertook more general investment analysis and research. Prior to VFMC, Laurence was Quantitative Research Director at Contango Asset Management. Key responsibilities included the development and implementation of models aimed to enhance Contango’s investment processes. Laurence has also held roles with Westpac Investment Management, Rothschild Australia Asset Management and County Investment Management. He is an active participant in the Finance Industry having lectured or given presentations for organisations including: The Securities Institute of Australia, The Institute for International Research, MATLAB, Ceanet, The Melbourne Business School, The CFA Society of Melbourne, CSIRO, The Institute of Quantitative Research in Finance (Australia), and Monash University’s Department of Accounting and Finance. Laurence has also written articles for the AFR, Investment and Technology, and Peer Reviewed Academic Journals.

Davina Machin

Investment Director
Joined IFM in 2008

Davina is responsible for the day-to-day management of the IFM Strategic Australian Equities Fund including specific company research and overall portfolio management. She commenced employment as an Economist at Syntec Economic Services where she researched and analysed domestic and international economies and their associated financial variables. Davina has a history in funds management dating back to 1996 when she commenced with Norwich Investment Management Ltd as an Economist. In 1998 Norwich merged with Portfolio Partners, where Davina continued her role as Senior Economist before taking responsibility for oversight of balanced funds in 2002. In this role she was also responsible for asset allocation and chairing the Investment Committee. During her time at Portfolio Partners, Davina also managed Listed Property portfolios.