A long-term approach to private equity investment

Our approach is built on a belief that private equity is a long-term investment that demands active engagement and requires:

  • Intensive analysis and ‘bottom-up’ due diligence - we seek out true advantages and look for real growth in revenue and cash flow
  • A focus on the ‘multiples’ of capital returned - our approach is based on forward looking portfolio construction and the exploitation of market inefficiencies
  • A global perspective – we apply our international experience in the assessment of all investments to identify best of breed opportunities
  • Careful negotiation of all elements to ensure stakeholder alignment - we seek to understand and influence the factors driving alignment, not just the headline terms. Active engagement for the life of the investment - we are proactive investors and are engaged in constant dialogue with our investment managers

This philosophy is underpinned by research that shows:

  • Market inefficiencies create real and consistent opportunities for private versus public market arbitrage
  • Private ownership structures can be powerful in addressing agency risk issues and supporting positive governance
  • Investment selection is critical
  • Higher active ownership and engagement can drive outperformance
  • Consideration of ESG factors in investment decision making assists in improved risk management.