What does responsible investing mean to infrastructure investors?

By IFM - 8 September 2011 - This paper was written to inform the UN PRI Infrastructure Steering Committee about the actions signatories are currently taking to implement the Principles for Responsible Investment for infrastructure assets under management. Azhar Abidi, Director Susta Read the full post »

IFM Debt Markets Insight Q3 2011

By IFM Debt team - 6 September 2011 - Where are the global economy and markets in terms of recovery in a post GFC world? What impact will recent developments in global markets have on Australia relative to other developed countries?
Read the full post »

Private equity investors face crisis of confidence

By Judith Smith, Head of Private Equity - 27 April 2011 - True private equity gets back to basics. Investors need to remember what private equity is for... Read the full post »

Keeping Investment Ethical

By IFM - 7 April 2011 - Few Australians would endorse investing in human misery but, as IFM's own Azhar Abidi writes, investors need to be conscious of precisely where their money is being directed. Read the full post »

Luring super funds to infrastructure

By Michael Hanna - 30 March 2011 - There has been a significant amount of debate recently about how to unlock the substantial wealth in the Australian superannuation sector and apply it to the much publicised $700 billion ‘infrastructure gap’ in Australia. Read the full post »

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