International Infrastructure


IFM International Infrastructure Fund is an open ended pooled superannuation trust designed for Australian superannuation funds seeking access to economic and social infrastructure assets in global developed economies.

The investment universe for IFM International Infrastructure is defined as physical facilities for the delivery, generation and transportation of energy, information, people and products and real property from which services to the community or government are delivered. Target investment sub-sectors are:

  • Electricity generation, transmission and distribution;
  • Gas transmission, distribution, processing and storage;
  • Toll roads;
  • Rail infrastructure;
  • Seaports;
  • Airports;
  • Water and waste water;
  • Pipelines and related infrastructure;
  • Telecommunications infrastructure;
  • Social infrastructure with principally government backed cash flow (e.g. hospitals, schools, aged care facilities, courthouses, community housing etc.); and
  • Other infrastructure assets that meet the investment definition.

Fund Exposures by Sector as at 31 December 2010


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