IFM Private Assets

IFM Private Assets is a new investment class which offers direct investment opportunities that are outside the scope of traditional private equity. Our belief is that stable, mature, and well managed private businesses can offer reliable risk adjusted returns over the long-term with an attractive cash yield. Our approach to Private Assets has a long-term focus and concentrates on active management and “hands-on” operational involvement. 

IFM’s strength in Private Assets is the extensive experience of the investment team across private equity and industry, with strong operational, general management, investment management, and M&A transactional expertise, together with IFM’s investment capability and track record in infrastructure and private equity. This translates into strategic insight, broad sector knowledge, investment acumen and and operational know-how.

What sets IFM Private Assets apart from other managers?

  • Conservative approach that targets investments in strong, mature companies with low to moderate operating risk that can deliver strong and reliable risk adjusted returns
  • Access to diverse and deep deal flow resulting from our extensive experience and network within public, private, infrastructure, and private equity markets
  • Extensive operational experience together with expertise in funding and structuring deals
  • Long-term focus that is fully aligned with investor interests
  • Downside protection through prudent use of leverage and adherence to strict risk management and reporting mechanisms
  • Customised deal by deal investment approach
  • Transparency on fees, investee company performance and investment decision making